Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here are some finals...

It's Thanksgiving "break."

This is the 3rd time I've been through this so called break, finding myself thankfully that it's here, but realizing that I have a lot of work to do before it ends, as finals are coming.

Fall semester has Thanksgiving. Spring semester has Spring break, student assessments, and a snow day or two to boot. Just one more reason why Springs have turned out better.

I have been planning to get my website overhauled and send out my resume, as it is 6 months before I graduate.

I'm going to get on that soon. After that, I need to work on my Payne's technique portrait, web design mech manual, Struwwelpeter collage, SOI thumbs/line art, comic page no. 2, landscape thumbs, sculpey figure, and enemy recognition manual...

Landscape painting in German Village. I like how the light was broken by the roof of the building, and how ephemeral the mail truck looks, it really was there for only a short time.

Acrylic wash portrait of Hannah, for illustration methods.
 "Dira Lehaskir" (Apartment for Rent) digital painting for the "No Place Like Home" CCAD Spotlight competition. I didn't get in.
 Final pencils for page 1 of the Comic book illustration class project.
"Nautical Tales" library reading program. Done for Childrens' market illustration. Charcoal drawing colored in illustrator, with a handmade font.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where are my finals?

I have a few longer assignments I'm working on, and a few I didn't get back yet.

I guess I'll show some love to my blog with some sketches.

I'm still trying to get my schedule in order after spent the weekend attending Illuxcon as a student. Sleep schedule is all fucked up because I have been trying to keep up with homework.
I think this con is going to be a significant experience in my professional life, passing my business card around, getting feedback on my portfolio, making connections, learning new things.

I'd love to attend again next year, but I just don't know where I'll end up after graduation, maybe even in another country.

And now to the sketches, these all come from the sketchbook I am keeping for Groff's class, in which we are asked to fit certain themes.

"Liquid," a marker drawing of Jeremy, done during the free model session.
 "Armored," Graphite sketch of Courtney, done during the Illuxcon award ceremony.
"Toys," graphite sketch done during the Illuxcon model session.
"Organic," Jeremy again, this time in crayon.