Saturday, November 23, 2013

Not Resting On Laurels

I have not been completely slack in my art making. If anything, I've turned on the afterburner.
I post to deviantArt or Tumblr far more frequently, check those out if you haven't yet.

The situation at the day job has gone from bad to worse. The part time job has turned full-time as far as hours go, but without the benefits of such. My calculations show I have made less than minimum wage for November. Not sure whether night shifts will earn a higher salary, we'll see when the pay slip comes in on the 10th, I guess.

All this extra work is leading to a lot of stress and fatigue, but I realized that making more art is my best bet to get out of it, so I've decided to dedicate an additional half hour or so a day to it. I've learned that giving myself small goals such as that is the best way to stay motivated and working.

Been using the time to model an airplane / spaceship design I came up with for the back of a new batch of business cards. Started with some speed paints to visualize the idea, moved on to silhouettes and found a retro-futuristic design I liked, fleshed it out some more, tried different patterns on it, and taken it to 3DS Max.
I got the basic shape down, and I'm currently working on the hanger environment for it to sit in, but might came back to refine the shape once I see how the lights work on it.

  For my speed paints, I decided that after a year's worth of them, it would be worth while to do studies from my growing photo library, with the occasional completely imginative work.
A few favorites: