Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quarter done

Week 4 out of 16. On one hand we have just started getting into the thick of things - I'm working on the details of my painting.
I finished building my silk screen, and would have prepared my class screen for the first color pass but someone else left his screen to dry on my table.
I'm going to polish my second alabaster sculpture, a mate to my first, while also working on the clay bust which we will make a waste mold of.
Portfolio review in Pro Practice, so the project will be due next week.
Garage is WIP, worked on the Autocars Carmel for 6 hours, and I'm no where near done. :/

Faith (I saw her model card :P ) Modeled for us in the latest free model session, and I used the opportunity to illustrated the first spread in the sketchbook Groff wants us to keep - one in which we focus on visual storytelling.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not much to show

Painting is still being worked on, a snow day hit silk screening, planning out a garage for Comp Anim I.
Popsicle ad for pro practice needs to be worked on, self portrait sculpture in preliminary stages.

What I do have is work on Sketchaton blog I recently joined that was Started by Hannah, one of my Sketch Group regulars.

I also have the latest from the free model session. A guy who looks like a lean, mean, one fingered fighting machine. How often do you get to draw something like that from life? :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post con impressions

It took some trial and error, but I figured out exactly how to "attack" the chaos that is Ohayocon. Chances are slim I will return for 2012, but maybe someday in the future I will revisit. I guess I can consider it my home con after all.

I'm far more interested in sitting at a panel and listening to people talk about their favorite things (unless I am completely lost in a sea of fan girls screaming things I do not understand, like the Hetalia panel.)
I also like to collect freebies, but those are in low supply at this particular con. (The Asian Festival and Marcon are far better for that.)

Too bad I didn't have a camera, maybe I could have started posting on my Navel Warfare blog >_>

At least I took my sketchbook.

Did an oil pastel painting of Dayna at the free model session.