Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exploding sinks and hexagonal weather

It's almost March, and snow is still coming down. I still see new things in the snow. Hexagonal flakes which require specific weather conditions.
Some are thinner and larger, others are more compact. Melting from the outside in as I exhale on them.
Sparkling on the ground.

I haven't seen any ice on the branches this year.

In figure drawing we moved into 2 session drawings. Even when I take more time measuring, I still feel I'm finished well ahead of the end of the 2nd session. Finishing has always been a problem for me, maybe this will help.

Oh, and a sink exploded in Design Square Apartments. Glad I don't live there :P
Someone did complain that their sink would "scream," guess she had a point.
We had a couple of floods back home in Israel. First time it happened I woke up because my sockets were being fried and smoke filled the room. Lack of draining meant we had to soak it all up with rags and buckets.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Razzle Dazzle 'em

Simultaneous contrast, a color concept project that fell victim to the snow day. My favorite for this class (which includes the fall semester) so far, by far.

We were asked to look at an art movement for inspiration. I choose Futurism (and Vorticism) for mine, because like a typical male, I like war machines :)
I had some reference photos I took over the summer which were appropriate.
We also needed to have a mid-value mid-chroma color flowing throughout the piece, and I thought it would be a good idea to make it the green of the camouflage.

When I researched this project I learned that the dazzle pattern I saw painted on WWI ships was actually created by a Vorticist, how cool is that?


Another victim of the snow was the styles and concepts portrait project. Our good friend Ahmedinejad.
Oil pastel. Hands bother me a little, but I think it's pretty good overall.

The anonymous model on Wednesday (maybe I should ask for her name?)
Dayna on Friday. Both conté.
Next week we're starting 2 week poses. It's not easy to slowing down, or finding what to noodle with for that long.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chewy snow

I never thought I would associate snow with "chewy" but that's how it feels today. We just had a snow day a week ago, and here comes another.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring us. I'm ready for it though, finished my color concept piece as well as the portrait, which came out kind of fun, despite my distaste for such things. (I'll scan and upload once they get graded if I have class tomorrow.)

For now, I have work from last week's figure drawing, including gestures, which I don't usually bother scanning, but someone showed interest.
I'm enjoying these 15 second poses, and the challenge they pose as I attempt to capture the essence of the pose, overlay them searching for rhythm, and play with the weight of the lines to create depth.
We finish off a page with slightly longer pose.

Some of my classmates are still trying to build these with spheres and boxes, lining them up in rows.
I don't have time to be stubborn and do things the way I always have. Speaking of which, I should bring a larger piece of paper to class soon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Procrastinating my ass off.

I blame color concepts. Which is a pain to set up, and takes the longest. I'm also avoiding the styles and concepts portrait.
My advanced structural is about half done. All due Tuesday.

Campaign for Rag-O-Rama due Wednesday.
Drawing due Friday.

At least I finished the attachment paper.

Why am I doing the Daily Sketch Group, or posting in my blog?
I'm going to to laundry.


A good opportunity to  play with the perspective. Kept it almost monochromatic for speed's sake, keeping all the greens limited to the croc.

To pull more attention to the child I upped the contrast, and pulled some highlights to lead the eye.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear blog, sorry I haven't gone back to you in a while.
Sorry I haven't given you a custom background image © or custom header image ©

I'll try to include you into more of my daily life.
Don't worry about that other blog name I registered. It's going to be very specific, and I haven't begun collecting material for it.

School has been interesting. My favorite class is figure drawing, with Greg Kumlien, who tells us how we should capture the whites with tone, flat as a cookie. Or how we should look at the whole show and find the darkest spot. :)

I think he needs better connections with models. We have drawn Jeremy or Kelly for 3 weeks now, except for one session with Kate (I think that's her name) who is new to modeling, but not half bad as far as looks ;)

In other news, a self portrait from Electronic illustration, in which I fail to capture likeness.

A Vietnam soldier, for the INTJforum art challenge: draw a chess piece. It's a pawn.
This is not meant to offend, it's just the first thing that popped in my head, so I flowed.