Monday, January 24, 2011

Lull before the storm

If it seems like I slowed down, it's true.

Since returning to Columbus I've had to worry about shopping, cleaning, cooking, filling out graduation forms, having to set the alarm clock so I can wake up in time, sending my laptop to repair, and getting a taste for classes this semester.
With homework looming, but not a direct threat (yet.) I also abandoned my goal of filling a page with sketches a day, a goal easy to follow, due to it's smallness.

As far as my classes go, I think I will enjoy sculpture. The preliminary sketches for silk screening and advanced painting are making me groan, but once I get into it, I think things will go smoother.
Topics in biology should be good, like most of the liberal arts classes I've taken.
Pro Practice will be more of the same.
I'm enjoying Comp Anim I, but I enjoyed modeling when I took a similar course in Tiltan, my old college. It's when we got into texturing and animation that I started to struggle. I hope an older me can manage it better.

Today was the first free model session, with a model I haven't drawn before, which is always nice.
Maybe I'll catch her name later.

Had a hard time with her face, kept redrawing, still wonky when the session ended. :/

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Classes start tuesday.

I'll be taking the 2 am train, arriving at Ben-Gurion airport an hour later, and starting the boarding process for my flight to Warsaw. Hopefully there won't be any delays, and I'll fly out of Warsaw 3 hours later, headed to Chicago's O'hare airport, before my final leg to Columbus.

It's been a short vacation, and as always, I feel as though I could have done more, but knowing myself, I think I've had a bigger output than I usually fall into. It's all about setting small goals, like doing a page of sketches a day, and keeping away from hardcore games.

Mom hung my paintings on the wall, even blew up and framed a sketch I did on a little post-it sized note, when I was bored during a family reunion. :)

Website is still work in progress, but it's close enough to finished that I started sending out emails inquiring about positions in game companies. I've gone through the numbers and "A"s on gamasutra.

Unless there's a snow day, my first class is Silk screening, 12:30 Tuesday.

My younger brother, the second of three is getting married at the end of Oct. twisting my hand to return. I'm hoping that by then I'll be well on my path towards my dream career (with the possibility that reality might roll out differently.)
When I do come back, I think I'll visit the Carmel mountain park, the site of the big fire that happened in Early Dec. and do some more plein air, like the digital work I did over the last two days. I had a blast.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

9 more days in Israel

My website is still a work in progress. I realized that the gallery code doesn't work in IE, and I may have to replace it with something that does (and maybe get more space for explanations in the process.) So I haven't really started the job seeking process.
I also need to design ads for sketch group, and have them approved by our dean of student affairs, something which shouldn't take long, once I get around to it.

I haven't seen/painted the remains of the fire yet. I don't think the mock interviews are going to happen. Haven't done as much digital painting as I planned to. Still haven't gone to Masho Masho, my old workplace, to have a chat with my old boss. Still didn't buy Scott a gift.

At least I have my nightly ID sketch session.

I also did this pirate cocktail party, merging two INTJf topics, Pirate and Cocktails. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year :)

I ended 2010 attending the annual life drawing marathon at Tiltan, my old college. I talked with Erez and Michal, the couple who founded this small art school, and with Mail, the head of the graphic design course, who taught me back in the day.
I also saw Kobi and Ilan, old professors of mine, but we didn't talk.

On Friday I took the car to IBM in Petach Tikva, for the 2010 Israel game unconference. It was pretty sweet, seeing who makes games in Israel, listening to lectures, and dropping off some of my business cards. Free pastries for breakfast, free pizza for lunch. Can't complain. ;)

Sagi, charcoal, first drawing of the night, warming up.
Sagi and Andre, charcoal, one hour pose (These guys are champs, sitting for an hour straight)
Yael, 6B pencil, 30 minutes? hour?
5 min. gestures of Yael, charcoal
Yulia, 6B