Saturday, October 30, 2010

November - super month

November 2010 is going to be epic. A month I will remember until I die, even when I forget the names of my brothers.

Britanee and I will be celebrating our birthday next Saturday. It marks the start of my 3rd decade alive.
Time to start a career and lose my virginity. ;)
I'll also be going to Mid-Ohio-Con on Sunday, portfolio and business cards under my arm. Need to make some opportunities for myself.
The following weekend we are going to Illuxcon. The plan this year is for 10 of us to share a room, boys and girls. It's going to be interesting.
I have a portfolio review with Rob Ruphl, who happens to have been born Nov. 7th. :D

Better get to work on my branding.

Enough words. Pictures say more, right?

Landscape painting at Highbanks Metro park:

Professional practice: Vasselin Behrovitch, combat tracker, character design

Illustration Methods:
Seated figure graphite value study. (Thanks for modeling, Emily :) )
Human animal hybrid, greyscale acrylic. Lizzie with an Inca Tern.
Full color acrylic painting. We needed to come up with 5 nouns and 5 verbs and use them to come up with an interesting idea/composition.
The words I ended up using were lizard, missile, leap and fly.
Free model session:
I killed Audrey for the "Horror" theme required for Groff's sketchbook.
Audrey again. Choose this angle for the challenge.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Côte d’Ivoire?

Just had a look at the stats of my blog. Why is my biggest audience from the ivory coast? Why is the Ukraine in second place?

Another week, another dump. More finals coming in. Half the semester flew right past me without me noticing, doing ok grade wise, just gotta keep the momentum.
I'm so happy I took leadership of Sketch Group, we are expanding little by little, but still a tight group.

And now to the work.
Childrens' market illustration, character development sketches.


Cricket magazine cover:

Professional practice. We all drew random professions to illustrate.
Landscape painting at the Whetstone Park of Roses and Highbanks Metro park.

Free model session, Jeremy in Sanguine and Black conté and sharpie.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A post with a lot of fiber

I've been falling behind on the blog updates, so it's a bigger dump than usual.

Mondays are for free model sessions (And the bi-weekly International Student Association meetings that cut the model session to an hour.)
 Taking a landscape painting class. It takes me outside my comfort zone, which I really appreciate, it's the best way to learn.
Hauling all my stuff on location, and getting caught during a major storm, complete with tornado sires and water damaged sketchbooks is the downside. We started with monochrome palette knife painting, and graduated to using color with brushes in a similar way.

 An establishing shot for comic book class.
Finally, some sketches from Sketch group, which I know head. I really enjoy entertaining the people who have been showing up, almost all new to the group, and I'm getting a better experience than I have in the past from the group. I just wish Kirsten wasn't the only veteran showing up. Maybe I'll have better luck dragging people in if I get approved to move into Circle hall.