Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reworking A Lady

Against all predictions, I found some motivation to keep working on my Leoptiofis seer. Slowly but surely she is shaping up into proper portfolio material. Maybe I'll be dusting off the website soon.

Got an anatomy pdf open on my laptop, and I'm fixing her one part at a time. Turns out she was too tall. Once I'm sufficiently happy with her anatomy, the plan is to show her in various states of dress.

A graphic design project collecting dust: A fun idea to take a made up brand, Urmacher, through various transitions, making it fit steampunk and cyberpunk aesthetics.

Speed Paints:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Need An Excuse


Not much done in the way of finished artwork, I just want to get the Empire Avenue upgrade out of the way. These things bug me.
All blame goes on Mr. Inouye.

Anyway, onto what I do have:

Study of a photo I took at St. Patrick's day 2012 in Dublin, CAlifornia, still in progress, though I'm losing patience, so no guarantees I'll get back on it.

Reworking an older speed paint I felt deserved more love than it got (rework didn't do much better)
"Facing Uncertainty"

Something quick in Painter, since I felt a little rusty. I only touch it for the occasional DSG these days.

And the usual slew of speed paints, including some from a new podcast - Paul Van Dyk's VONYC sessions: