Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring. Broken for the week.

It's 9:28 am, I haven't gone to bed yet.
When vacations roll along I turn nocturnal. Snowed last night. Where did that come from? Well, it did snow the morning of Easter last year.
Working on my website (again.) Sent out a bunch of internship requests, covering the San Fransisco area. I plan on expanding my search area and sending more.
Still working on my Styles piece, did some of the advanced structural redraws.
Almost done with Color Concept, just waiting for my "steam" to dry.

Watercolor of Bob, core shadows. I'm very happy with the head, although he has a bigger chin in life.

A series of happy accidents lead to a rather pleasing INTJforum challenge. The idea of having a larger than life animal licking "home sweet home" was always there, but just how big it is was the result of a search for reference. Color picking from a photo taught me a little about what was going on, and the broken vignette came to be once I realized I was zoomed in.

Working on a series of harpies for figure drawing class. At first we chose a background, then we added a background, played around line quality and rhythm, and in this case, we tried to convey a feeling with our value structure.

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