Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's here!

The update I have been promising is here.
Most of the work I've done towards mid terms.
I plan to buy a camera over spring break (and get a haircut, clean my room, work on promotional material, and more) and I'll photograph my sculptures.

For our computer animation I class, we were asked to model a room, texture it, light it, and eventually have some animation happen inside.
I chose to model an Autocars Carmel, one of the cars offered by the only Israeli private car manufacturers to ever exist.
The first landmark is to check on modeling and textures. My teacher was quite pleased with my work, but has given me some pointers on improving it, and I have been doing just that. We can resubmit our work on Tuesday for an improved grade, but here's what I turned in.

 For my first project for silk screening I went with a cargo plane that fits into my "Steel Stag" universe.
I did a little trickery with the squadron logo, made things a little more challenging, but I got a kick out of it.

In Groff's Pro Practice class we were given prompts such as designing a card game, making an editorial illustration for a mixed drink, or a cereal box for an 80's video game. It was kinda goofy trying to fit something like that into my previous work.
Ended up going with a propaganda like ad for "Hero pops"
In Advanced painting we have been asked to create 4 paintings in a series, further exploring what interests us, and experimenting to try to expand our visual vocabulary.
That meant more mecha for me. Mr. Lee, our teacher, thought it would be a good idea to incorporate what I have been doing with concept design within my paintings, which lead to this, the first in the series. I'm working on the second for Monday's critique.

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