Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stahl März thumbs round 3

Picked out my 5 favorite silhouettes from round 2, and made a few variations of details for each.
This was the most time consuming phase yet, by far.
I think I know why ANJ changed his technique. ;)

Monday was a good day. I don't like to stick around when housekeeping comes in, so I had to find something to do. Ended up going to AIA Austin to ask for some advice on breaking into the architecture business. I met Kristina, who was super nice and gave me some great advice, totally worth the trip, even though I may be barking up the wrong tree without any Revit knowledge.
I then visited the Austin Capital and Visitor center, learned a few new things about the city I'm in, and took the tour. Coming back to a clean room was also nice.

Unfortunately, waking up from a nap, I found that my weekly wi-fi code had expired, with no way to connect until I woke up and went to the office for a new code. Guess it's going to happen every Monday while I'm here.

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