Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scrappy game jam

Last week a group of friends, lead by my friend Allen, came together for the weekend to work on a game. As part of the group, I had done concept art and tiles for the level. After our composers played the music they had made for the game we decided to head in a different direction as far as environments go, but maybe I inspired ideas by doing these.
I have done concept for our protagonist, Scrappy, but Ellis, one of the other artists, has taken on the task of fleshing him out.
Finally, I worked on enemies. Again, most of these will be thrown away as we work out the mechanics, since Scrappy is supposed to collect parts from downed enemies changing his abilities, but it may inspire ideas in the rest of the team.
We are also planning to have a flying mid-boss, as well as one underground.

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