Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Need An Excuse


Not much done in the way of finished artwork, I just want to get the Empire Avenue upgrade out of the way. These things bug me.
All blame goes on Mr. Inouye.

Anyway, onto what I do have:

Study of a photo I took at St. Patrick's day 2012 in Dublin, CAlifornia, still in progress, though I'm losing patience, so no guarantees I'll get back on it.

Reworking an older speed paint I felt deserved more love than it got (rework didn't do much better)
"Facing Uncertainty"

Something quick in Painter, since I felt a little rusty. I only touch it for the occasional DSG these days.

And the usual slew of speed paints, including some from a new podcast - Paul Van Dyk's VONYC sessions:

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