Monday, August 5, 2013

Temple by Moonlight

Brought my final floating temple illustration far enough that I'm happy with it (almost, watching it on a different screen has brought a problem to the surface which I'll get rid of before this I post this.)
I was hoping to use the rest of the week to polish off the sensor ship image, but it just isn't working. I suspect the extreme perspective.

Yesterday I was informed they now want me to pull a shift everyday, which leaves me with precious little time to work on my portfolio. It's going to be crunch time to pull it all together, print it out and rework my website (I believe this is the 4th time, though this will be more functional than cosmetic.)

Also planned to design custom tuckboxes for my copy of Race for the Galaxy, to which ended I painted these 3 spaceships. After doing the green one I feel I can do better with blue, so that might be out, and I also need a yellow ship to match all player colors. I'll also need to work on the background to pull it all together and some typography. Don't know how I'll get around to it now.

Before this mess at work was finalized I found time to do something silly, with a study of the Pharaoh of the Fish

I'll stop with the daily speed paints when I'm in Cologne for GDC Europe and Gamescom, but here are my faves since I last posted.

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