Thursday, January 30, 2014

Partly Metal, Partly Real

Almost ready to order those new business cards. As 250 cost about the same as 100, I'll order the larger amount.
It's important to periodically change the design, as it may be the first of my art someone sees, so there's going to be pressure to get rid of these as soon as possible, which could be a good thing. Try to leave them all in foreign lands with my planned trips towards the end of summer.

Finished watching all 65 episode of Silverhawks, and began my new project to redesign the franchise as an exercise in concept art.
Started with characters, struggling to find a direction at first:

But came upon something I liked with this version Steel Heart, which I continued to a few of the other characters:

Now I'm changing direction to keep things interesting, exploring shapes for a redesigned Miraj. This vehicle feels so awkward to me though, I'm going to try some other ideas that aren't "airplanes in space"

What do I have in speed paints that's good?

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