Friday, December 18, 2009

Tritoma Humeralis was listening to 88 fm out of Israel earlier today. It's a shame that it's so broken.
It only works under Safari on my Macbook, will only stream an hour before I have to refresh, etc.

It also made me reconsider how my taste in radio has changed.

Seems like I'm in the minority, but I still choose the radio over a large collection of MP3s, and I hope they will continue to broadcast for years to come.

Anyways, as a 13 year old used to Israeli stations, I was amazed by the American counterparts, especially Power 106 and dreamed that Israeli stations to be like it.
And how was it different? It revolved around one type of music, rap in Power's case, and it didn't have the news on at every hour.
The stations which made my dreams come true came alive in January 2000, as "Radio Ha'Sharon" changed it's format into "Radio bu" which would cast dance music aimed at the younger crowds, and cut out the hourly news broadcast. This continued when the station changed patronage and name to 99esc.
Since this station was broadcasting from the center while I was in the North, I always had a difficult time tuning in, and would often annoy my dad as I built antennae and flung them over the roof, constantly fiddling with it to get the best reception.
The dream ended in 2007, after Arcadi Gaydamak bought 95% of the station, and changed it into just another local station, with the usual talk shows, news casts and pop music playlists.
Reading the Hebrew wikipedia page tells he lost ownership of it, leaving it in a state of limbo.

But now that I'm in Ohio, 15 years later, the local hip-hop station, Power 107.5 just isn't cutting it anymore, but it's what's playing on the radio when I go to sleep, because it's the strongest signal out there.
It used to be WNCI but since I moved out of the college dorms into my own studio apartment, I can't get a good signal on my dinky little alarm radio, and it's not worth the extra effort.

What do I listen to now? Fusion Chicago is streaming from my Macbook right now, as usual.
If I get tired of hearing another X-mas dance mix like this one, Chances are I'll listen to the Psychedelic Trance stream from Radio Schizoid
or if I'm nostalgic, 88 fm.

Today's beetle is a Tritoma humeralis, a Pleasing Fungus Beetle, snagged from Tom Murray

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