Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back in school

I've been to all the classes I'm going to take this semester.

Styles and Concepts is an unknown, I don't know Mrs. Wong, and the projects aren't really something I feel excited about. She has a horrible reputation, but so does Mr. King. We shall see.

I got Bs last semester in color concept and advanced structural, it would be nice to see better grades but I suspect I will have similar grades this semester.

Not worried about electronic illustration or Psych of development.

A little concerned with all the presentations we'll be doing in copy writing, but I should pull through.

Figure drawing should be good, again in the A or B range.

So far I've done better on Spring semester than I have in Fall. Coincidence?

Finally, Here's a plug to the Brickfish competition, in which my photo was turned without my asking. Since I can't edit the photo, I guess I'm stuck with it rotated counter clock wise ><

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