Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post con impressions

It took some trial and error, but I figured out exactly how to "attack" the chaos that is Ohayocon. Chances are slim I will return for 2012, but maybe someday in the future I will revisit. I guess I can consider it my home con after all.

I'm far more interested in sitting at a panel and listening to people talk about their favorite things (unless I am completely lost in a sea of fan girls screaming things I do not understand, like the Hetalia panel.)
I also like to collect freebies, but those are in low supply at this particular con. (The Asian Festival and Marcon are far better for that.)

Too bad I didn't have a camera, maybe I could have started posting on my Navel Warfare blog >_>

At least I took my sketchbook.

Did an oil pastel painting of Dayna at the free model session.

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