Sunday, April 17, 2011

I should have been painting

Updating takes a long time. Have to collect my work, scan, photomerge, photograph, resize. Then it's upload, to facebook, deviantArt, Flickr, and this blog.
A short description of what I'm doing, tags, and I'm done, for a week or two.

Someone better be enjoying it. ;)

Our first sculpture project was called Dust and Mass, and taught us how to mold plaster and carve alabaster.
I made 2 pieces.

For our 3rd silkscreen project we had to use drawing fluid, with monoprint being optional.
I chose to do something that mirrored my digital concept art, with some uniform designs.

Free model session: Bob
Mobile Advanced Repair Platform: Vehicle/environment concept design for Pro practice
Part 2 of the ongoing Comp Anim project: lighting

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