Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Closing the Ohio Chapter

This is it. Final work as an undergrad student at CCAD.
4 years ago I barely even knew where Ohio was on the map of the USA, much less place Columbus on it. Didn't know what a Buckeye was, or why wearing blue and yellow was a bad choice in this city.
3 years ago Design Square studios were under construction, the Triad was an official dorm, the AMF was called the B&E, Design Studios on Broad were known as the Broad Street Facilities and the cafeteria was in the basement of Schott. color concepts, painting, 2d design and 3d design were separate classes. Styles and Concepts was taught by 3 different teachers - Tardino, Mahan and Wong. I've had them all. Professional practice was available at different times, and seniors could have taken Entrepreneurial illustration.

I'm going to stick around Columbus until early June, relax, work on personal projects, pack up what I can, sell what I can, toss the rest, clean it up as best as I can, and drive down to Texas (although my mother is trying to convince me to look into taking the bus.)
I might have gone to Austin just because it's a game development mecca, having relatives in the area is icing on the cake. :)
My Optional Practical Training should be coming in soon, and will make June 13th as the first official day I can work. I'm crossing my fingers that I will start working at a game dev ASAP, with late Oct / early Nov serving as the looming deadline. My brother is getting married at that time, and there's no guarantee I'll be allowed back in the country, even thought my OPT doesn't officially end until June 13th 2012.

Alright, on to my final projects as a CCAD undergraduate. (I have no plans to return, but you never know.)

Most of the stuff is under my Operation: Steel Stag umbrella.

Illustration Professional practice:
Officer of the АНЧИ (Army of the New Human Ideal) and a "tunnel dog."
Character and Creaturee design:

(Big thanks to Hannah Rivera for posing for me at Anime Punch :) )

Adv. Painting:
Navy of the Union of Nations (My personal favorite from the show)
a 36"x24" oil painting.
Union of Nations Space Force
36" x 60" painting, the biggest I ever attempted
Sculpture I:
Flight 19
Combining the second project: Hydrocal self portrait and project number 3: Welding into a single piece.
"Flight 19 was the designation of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared on 5 December 1945 during a United States Navy-authorized overwater navigation training flight from Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida." (Wikipedia)

Project number 4 was time based.
I created this domestic fighter for it. I've built one of these when I was 14, and thought it would be fun to do another, something retro futiristic that would fit right in with Crimson Skies.
There was also a time limitation to consider.

I silk screened patches for the AUoN, fulfilling my requirment for alternative surface, and having something to wear on my uniform when I set up my table at Directions. I knew not to take it seriously from hearing what former participants had to say about it ;)
I printed on felt and foam sheets with sticky back I bought at wal-mart.
I also combined my final silk screening project with my science project, creating this piece on the short term effects of Dioxin, the nasty stuff in Agent Orange. A toxin we are all exposed to.
I think I like the origin file better.

Last but not least, the free model session
 I don't know her name, but I know she's CCAD alum, and studied American sign language.
Colored pencils. Didn't notice the distortion of the lower part until I photomerged today. Done 4.19.11
It is perhaps fitting that Jeremy would be the last nude I draw at CCAD. He is probably the model I drew the most, with Kelly coming in second.
Charcoal. I actually let the distortion happen as they will in this - the face, hands and legs

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  1. Congrats on graduating, man! Good luck in Texas and keep working hard! :)