Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little steps.

I was planning on making a big update, showing a few projects I have in the pipelines, sorting through my photos and posting some of those, etc.
I keep putting it off for one reason or the other, whether it's because I like to update several websites at once - this blog, facebook, Flickr, deviantArt and

The pictures are going to have to wait, because the external HDD that sort of worked no longer does, and the one that did work now sort of works. :(

I've been in Georgetown for the past week and change, and haven't done much of anything. I went to one figure drawing session, which was pretty cool, and talking with the guy who runs the meeting on Sunday really helped in figuring out the best places to go.
I have a pretty bad tendency to get lost, and I manage to do so even with the GPS. I think the signage in the area is at least part of the blame.

Anyways, enough yakking here's some art.

Tunnel Dog head anatomy practice.

Soviet armored vehicles of the Vietnam war. Studies for a future project.

Randomness for Sketchaton

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