Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zeppelins and 3D

We have a winner for the Austin Parks and Recreation. I'm a little surprised they chose the heron. Fun shape through. :)
Before I started working on the bird, I practiced with this case fan. Blender still feels awkward, and I haven't even touched anything outside modeling. I'll have to figure out lighting, textures and cameras at the very least, with things like rigging, animation and particles bonuses if I have the time.
On the personal side, I've been having fun with zeppelins/blimps for the past couple of sketch nights, and thought I would do a few more digitally.
As I was working on them, I started thinking I should do something interesting with the planes of this universe, and strapping jet engines on wooden biplanes seemed like it would be fun. This is the 1911.2.1 prototype, seen in pre-war "bean pattern." (Can you tell I have further plans for this? ;) )

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