Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fat ship and crustaceans: Finished

Made some color studies, cleaned up the perspective (although something still seems off on the front...) and polished things up. Uploaded the design to Overnight Prints and ordered 100, which should arrive by the 8th, though I hope they come in time for GDC. I'm also going to use it for some headers: Tumblr, Twitter, facebook when I get timeline.
I also decided that 18 was a good number of crustaceans, and the collage works as a whole.
Since I'm done with my card, I'm getting back to work on the ANSC Trade Counter pamphlet, which I neglected for too long. In other news, I've been going to networking events all over the Bay area, some of which were harded to get to than others, meeting new people, hearing things, enjoying free food (payed enough for travel though.) In other news, I've had an email from New Deal Studios in LA, asking me compiling my resume and portfolio into one pdf would be helpful, which I hope is good news.

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