Sunday, June 17, 2012

Captain Comic: Planet Nrober value studies

The first step of tackling the surface of Nrober is creating value studies in thumbnail size. I have been focusing on leading the eye through the jungle to a tower in the distance, the way the player would travel through the jungle as the captain. I challenged myself to do more of these then I do, and I think I've came up with some interesting ideas as a result. I'll let it rest for now though, work on something else, and see it with fresh eyes for the next steps. A month and a half before I leave the US, probably with a short visit to my aunt in Thornhill, Ontario (Toronto suburb) before I fly out to GDC Europe in Cologne. Signed up to be a CA on the very first day the form was up, and with my experience as volutneer at GDC Online, I think there's a good chance I'll get in, but I won't know for sure until July 6th, I believe.

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