Friday, June 29, 2012

CC: Surface Color Studies

Getting back to working on Captain Comic. Now that I've actually seen the complete (sort of) walkthrough of the game, I learned that it ended with the Skrejgib stealing the Captain's space cruiser and the treasures onboard, living him stuck on a planet without space faring technology. They do have the time machine the Captain built, and he uses it to travel 1000 years into the future, hoping the technology has advanced far enough to let him leave. No one else who tried going through returned, which makes us suspects something's up. Accordingly, I have changed the name of the project to "Stranded on Chronia" and have to consider this back story in future work, which isn't a huge stretch really. On to the art: Picked my favorite bits and pieces from the value thumbnails, and tried some color studies out. Color picking always seems to work better than trying to come up with my own palette, just like using any other kind of reference in that regard, but less awkward. ;)

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