Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blind Seer

This idea, of a blind person who can see into the future, is kind of cliche, but I wanted to try my own take on it for awhile.

Even though I'm doing my speed paints regularly, improving my technical skills and learning about myself (I seems to levitate towards sci-fi more than fantasy for instance) I felt that that none of them have really been portfolio material, and I was in a certain creative rut.
It was one of these speed paints that helped pull me out though: when I painted the succubus portrait I felt like I the way I paint faces from imagination took a huge step towards how I paint faces from reference. I wanted to repeat the experience to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and I got this.

I thought I did pretty well, and that I could try to expand the idea, and come up with some concepts for her costume. Coming back with fresh eyes, I found a few more things that needed fixing on her portrait, especially the nose.
Although I did have an idea of where I wanted to take her, I did some blue sky concepting, going all over the map with ideas, just in case something else stuck.

A day later, with more thought put into it, I realized the ear piece would be best left out, the big scar was a cheap trick, but while I was working on removing it I had a happy accident with it and it looked good. Also changed her eyes, expression and forehead symbol.
Came up with more concepts exploring the direction I decided to go with, and reworked some of the anatomy issues while I was at it, to come up with this.

I may get back to her, finalizing the concept, doing turn-arounds and/or beauty shots, but for now I'm thinking about shifting attention elsewhere, maybe some prop design.

Hooray for quick update, not as many speed paints to sort through. :)

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