Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lemons from Life

Still looking for a job, still stuck in Israel, still living with my parents. Things haven't been too hot. Gotta keep working despite that and hope for good news.

I though I would update with 3D work, but that has been going super slow. I blame the book I am trying to follow along with, but the instructions aren't clear enough for my liking.
Working on unwrapping the floor buffer I modeled:

 Still doing the occasional study:


Some concepts for Europa: First Probe a game I hope to make someday.
I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but it's an idea I had while brainstorming ideas for a game jam with some friends in the bay area. Simple enough concept iterating on an old game idea: fall down a tunnel and avoid the walls for as long as possible. Fingers control a light, tilt controls the angle of descent.

No reason to stop doing daily speed paints, but now I have 3 pages on deviant art to pick from and post here.

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