Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Update You Have All Been Waiting For

My flight to Dusseldorf leaves 6 am next Friday. I hope rocket fire from Gaza doesn't affect that.
I'll be going through Kiev, in both direction, hopefully the strife in that area doesn't affect me. Get what you paid for I guess?
From DUS I'll be taking the train to Cologne for my 3rd year as volunteer at GDC Europe. It's going to be great.
I also have my flight to Japan and South Korea in September all figured out as well. Maybe I'll get lucky enough to finally break into the game industry during my trip. Otherwise freelance will probably be my last option.

Printed out my portfolio; updated my website, taking into account some constructive critique I received; and noticed that I printed a slightly outdated file so I may go back and reprint it, if I feel it necessary and time allows.

Here's the final Silverhawks work:

Abandoned the Chroma Witch project after building it in vector

Somehow found the time to do a virtual plein air of a village in Croatia

And pumped out speed paints on a daily basis, off course. For some I have been using colors found on a "palette meme" on Tumblr. :)

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