Friday, December 12, 2014

Back, as if nothing has changed

After more than 2 months in east Asia, I've come back home to live under the same roof as my parents.
Still without a job and feeling as far as ever from a career as a concept artist at a game studio.
There are interesting events coming up during Hanukkah, after which I will see if I can get a job working for a company that sets up trade events and conferences, in another attempt to avoid freelancing. Save money to travel again. Get into the green card lottery.

I had fun in Japan, and an even better time in Seoul, and I'll never forget it.
The GDC Eu and Gamescom combo is still the one event I can't miss, but G-Star in Busan comes in second, hopefully I can make it there and to Seoul again someday.

I need to get back into creating portfolio pieces, work through the disappointment I'm feeling right now.
I took over 1800 photos during my trip, and I'm adjusting the raw files, now that I have access to lightbox and more computing power. Until I go through all that and incoporate them as reference, textures, and color palettes, I'll continue with my speed paints:

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