Sunday, May 10, 2015

On the (Job) Hunt Again

Finished modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering my architectural visualization. Gave the renders a post production treatment in photoshop, and started applying to jobs.
Unlike concept art, I actually see posting for such positions in Israel. I have no idea how much competition I have or how I compare with others, but at least I have hope.
Being sent a confirmation that my CV has been received is a refreshing change from the days where I applied to jobs I had no intention of pursuing, just so I can get a break from my concerned mother.

After a few days of taking things easy, I felt like there's still plenty to do on the concept art side of things, where my long term plans still lie, and I dusted off the gun concepts I had worked on, finishing them today.

Sign ups for the GDC Eu Conference Associate program have come in last Monday, naturally I signed up. Mom told me she would sponsor just one more such trip to Cologne, so I should probably talk to her about making arrangements to do so, though I still hope I get hired soon and manage to provide for my own travel and accommodation expenses, as well as perks.

Speed Paints:

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