Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back from my 4th GDCEu / Gamescom

I was lucky enough to have been chosen as a Conference Associate for GDC Eu for the 4th time, and spent the first week of August in Cologne, staying with my brother who is studying medicine in the university rather than at a hostel.
Escaped extremely hot weather in Israel. Not that Germany was exactly cool.

It was a pleasure seeing my once-a-year game development geek friends, and to make a few new ones I'll hope to see in the future. Alex, my super confident Greek friend, couldn't make it this year, but I've applied some of the things he taught me, and walked myself right into a few press presentations.
Was expecting a good Gamescom, but got a lot of exclusive videos rather than hands on gameplay. Good year for shirts my size, a few other choice pieces of swag.
Showed my portfolio around, including a great review from some creatives working at Motiga, Handed out some business cards, and followed up in the week since.
I probably could have done more of that, as always, Not sure if my dreams of breaking into the game industry will be realized this year, but it doesn't feel like it.

I was lucky enough to find a position as an archviz artist at a studio within walking distance, practically the only one in my hometown. Wasn't lucky enough to keep the position, with gaming on my mobile device being one of the reasons I was laid off. I really need to find a job at a game studio where playing isn't just tolerated - it is encouraged.
Even though I knew it might not last, it was still frustrating to be let go, especially now that I'm sitting at home wondering what my next move ought to be.

Gonna shut my trap and give you some speed paints to look at.
I'd show the work I did at the archviz studio, but my boss thought otherwise.

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