Saturday, October 2, 2010

A post with a lot of fiber

I've been falling behind on the blog updates, so it's a bigger dump than usual.

Mondays are for free model sessions (And the bi-weekly International Student Association meetings that cut the model session to an hour.)
 Taking a landscape painting class. It takes me outside my comfort zone, which I really appreciate, it's the best way to learn.
Hauling all my stuff on location, and getting caught during a major storm, complete with tornado sires and water damaged sketchbooks is the downside. We started with monochrome palette knife painting, and graduated to using color with brushes in a similar way.

 An establishing shot for comic book class.
Finally, some sketches from Sketch group, which I know head. I really enjoy entertaining the people who have been showing up, almost all new to the group, and I'm getting a better experience than I have in the past from the group. I just wish Kirsten wasn't the only veteran showing up. Maybe I'll have better luck dragging people in if I get approved to move into Circle hall.

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