Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost done

Last class is tomorrow, Friday the 17th at 3:30 pm.

There will be one more post following this one with work from Fall semeter 2010. Anything after will be from Israel, (and I'm planning to be productive,) until I return on the 14th.

It wasn't an easy semester, and I have some mixed feelings about how much I learned, and the grades I'm expecting.

Landscape painting was awesome, I enjoyed anthropology. Comic book was pretty good, but a lot of busy work. It was fun to mess around with Sculpey, and I might use it again to make little models as reference, but I don't think I can turn sculpting into a career.
Children's market illustration was ok, but not great, as was illustration methods.
Heard a lot of good information during professional practice, but I'm not super happy with any of the projects I did, even though they were self-assigned.
Web Design II was fun, seems like I put more effort into it than anyone else :)
(reminds me I need to work on the overhaul of my site)


Caripeta angustiora - Brown Pine Looper:
Gouache painting for illustration methods, done from photo ref
Page 2 for comic book class. We never got to the 3rd planned page.
Mighty mouse cover redesign, done in Painter and Photoshop.
Pro practice class.
Heightened drawing self portrait, charcoal and white pastel.
Photo ref.


  1. I love anthropology. was it an intro class?

  2. This self portrait is mega creepy haha. Nice job man.