Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The final finals of Fall 2010

I'm writing this post from Haifa, Israel. The city I was born and raised in, and spent 4/5ths of my life.
While it's nice to be back, with all the little annoyances that make it what it is, I will only come back permanently if my hand is twisted, and there's no other choice.

I'm still waiting for my final grade, for landscape painting, which should bump my average right back to President's list standards, a first for a Fall semester. :P

Once I get around the jet lag, I have plans to keep myself in tip top artistic shape, maybe even form better drawing habits. I know I need them to stay competitive. Or maybe I'll slack off like usual.

The Tiltan nude marathon is on the 30th, an Israeli game developer un-conference on the 31st (groan.) I have some gouache and watercolors I can use to paint what's left of the big fire that went down here a couple of weeks ago, and hopefully my dad can repair my Intuos' cable so I can keep working digitally.

I also did a piece in Children's market I need to retouch and scan, as it's supposed to be for the SOI (not that I think it has a chance, but whatever) and the faux driver's manual I did in web design, which doesn't quite work as expected because Flash Catalyst is a typically buggy version 1 piece of software.

What I do have is the couple of finals I did for landscape painting. Views of Aphelion II, the planet where my game (which I think I will call "Operation Steel Stag") takes place.
These are digital paintings over scanned oil paintings.

I also made a couple of sculpts in dimensional illustration. I call my first Sandy, on account of how much I needed to sand her. :P
My original goal was to make her a resin, but due to time constraints and inexperience, I kept her as a sculpey figure

My second sculpt is a nuclear bug (bugs were the theme for the class) done in the last minute because I had spent so much time on Sandy, but still needed to turn in a second piece. :P

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