Monday, January 24, 2011

Lull before the storm

If it seems like I slowed down, it's true.

Since returning to Columbus I've had to worry about shopping, cleaning, cooking, filling out graduation forms, having to set the alarm clock so I can wake up in time, sending my laptop to repair, and getting a taste for classes this semester.
With homework looming, but not a direct threat (yet.) I also abandoned my goal of filling a page with sketches a day, a goal easy to follow, due to it's smallness.

As far as my classes go, I think I will enjoy sculpture. The preliminary sketches for silk screening and advanced painting are making me groan, but once I get into it, I think things will go smoother.
Topics in biology should be good, like most of the liberal arts classes I've taken.
Pro Practice will be more of the same.
I'm enjoying Comp Anim I, but I enjoyed modeling when I took a similar course in Tiltan, my old college. It's when we got into texturing and animation that I started to struggle. I hope an older me can manage it better.

Today was the first free model session, with a model I haven't drawn before, which is always nice.
Maybe I'll catch her name later.

Had a hard time with her face, kept redrawing, still wonky when the session ended. :/

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