Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My First Global Gamer Jam

Last Friday at 8:45 am I showed up at the Electra building in Tel-Aviv, ready for my first legit game jam. I was the first art guy there, and found myself a team soon enough, coincidentally including people from my hometown, Haifa. We watched some keynote videos giving us advice, urging us to create games for changes and giving us the theme, familiar perhaps to those who have been to earlier GGJs. 6:00 pm Saturday was the goal time to finish (Sunday is a work day here in the holy land,) though most teams continued compiling and what not. I had been working hard until a couple of hours before then, sleeping for maybe an hour and eating nothing more than a couple of granola bars and snacks. Then we saw what everyone else had worked on and I finally saw what I had been working as a whole, which took almost 3 hours, and while it was cool to see, everyone was exhausted and wanted to go home. Here's some of the work I did on our game, from concept art to background and foreground elements to character and UI animation.

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