Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exploding sinks and hexagonal weather

It's almost March, and snow is still coming down. I still see new things in the snow. Hexagonal flakes which require specific weather conditions.
Some are thinner and larger, others are more compact. Melting from the outside in as I exhale on them.
Sparkling on the ground.

I haven't seen any ice on the branches this year.

In figure drawing we moved into 2 session drawings. Even when I take more time measuring, I still feel I'm finished well ahead of the end of the 2nd session. Finishing has always been a problem for me, maybe this will help.

Oh, and a sink exploded in Design Square Apartments. Glad I don't live there :P
Someone did complain that their sink would "scream," guess she had a point.
We had a couple of floods back home in Israel. First time it happened I woke up because my sockets were being fried and smoke filled the room. Lack of draining meant we had to soak it all up with rags and buckets.

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