Monday, February 15, 2010

Chewy snow

I never thought I would associate snow with "chewy" but that's how it feels today. We just had a snow day a week ago, and here comes another.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring us. I'm ready for it though, finished my color concept piece as well as the portrait, which came out kind of fun, despite my distaste for such things. (I'll scan and upload once they get graded if I have class tomorrow.)

For now, I have work from last week's figure drawing, including gestures, which I don't usually bother scanning, but someone showed interest.
I'm enjoying these 15 second poses, and the challenge they pose as I attempt to capture the essence of the pose, overlay them searching for rhythm, and play with the weight of the lines to create depth.
We finish off a page with slightly longer pose.

Some of my classmates are still trying to build these with spheres and boxes, lining them up in rows.
I don't have time to be stubborn and do things the way I always have. Speaking of which, I should bring a larger piece of paper to class soon.

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