Monday, May 17, 2010

Final finals, finally

From the last days of Fall 2010.
Mr. Kumlien was still pushing the idea of mass tones. (charcoal / Conté)

Mrs. Wong gave me a B on the spot illustration for an article about "winterizing your skin," the highest grade I got in that class. She thought I was avoiding painting. I was just looking for what other techniques I might use. I have been painiting for color concept all year.
A C+ on my sketchbook and final grade.

The final Bunn guns for Advanced Structural. (They don't shoot coffee :P )

I'm still waiting for an answer from Neopets about the internship, or that someone else might pick me up.
CSCC has a pretty cool lineup if I do stick around, I'm not too worried about being sexually assaulted in the toilets. I read about that last week, smells fishy.
I'm also working with the GCC on Project X, and having a blast.

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