Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last week of school

Should be quite the significant week.

I still have a painting to finish for styles and concepts and I need to tweak John Henry and mount and wrap it along with my box art for Earth Zero, hopefully I'll see one hanging in the show.
I would also like to see something from my figure drawing and electronic illustration classes hanging.

I am also waiting for an answer from Neopets. Hoping I get a yes for the internship.

Found a sheet of acetate, so I figured I would try something I learned back in Israel - covered one side with black acrylic, and scratched it off with screwdrivers. I think it looks like a cell from an old soviet animation. When I felt it was finished, I did a conté piece, and compressed charcoal on the second session.

So what is Earth Zero?
My color concepts final project, a game mock up, including concept art, cover art and in-game mock up.

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