Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything is due on Tuesday, more or less.
Electronic illustration is done. Finished it Thursday around 4 am, felt great.
Styles & concepts has a good amount of work completed, and I'll have another work to finish.
Figure drawing is out of the way, Psychology of development exam on Wednesday.
I have been thinking what I should do for copywriting, but nothing written just yet.

The biggest obstacle is color concept. Pixel art mock-up of a video game. Taking forever.

Final for electronic illustration:

Figure drawing. Audrey this week. A couple of charcoal (stick for the first, pencils the second)
And finally, Audrey in Crayon (plain old Crayola)
One of the first media anyone picks up (at least in Western culture) yet so hard to do serious work with it. In that way they are like pencils. I'm pleased with how this turned out. :)

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