Wednesday, January 5, 2011

9 more days in Israel

My website is still a work in progress. I realized that the gallery code doesn't work in IE, and I may have to replace it with something that does (and maybe get more space for explanations in the process.) So I haven't really started the job seeking process.
I also need to design ads for sketch group, and have them approved by our dean of student affairs, something which shouldn't take long, once I get around to it.

I haven't seen/painted the remains of the fire yet. I don't think the mock interviews are going to happen. Haven't done as much digital painting as I planned to. Still haven't gone to Masho Masho, my old workplace, to have a chat with my old boss. Still didn't buy Scott a gift.

At least I have my nightly ID sketch session.

I also did this pirate cocktail party, merging two INTJf topics, Pirate and Cocktails. :)

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