Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year :)

I ended 2010 attending the annual life drawing marathon at Tiltan, my old college. I talked with Erez and Michal, the couple who founded this small art school, and with Mail, the head of the graphic design course, who taught me back in the day.
I also saw Kobi and Ilan, old professors of mine, but we didn't talk.

On Friday I took the car to IBM in Petach Tikva, for the 2010 Israel game unconference. It was pretty sweet, seeing who makes games in Israel, listening to lectures, and dropping off some of my business cards. Free pastries for breakfast, free pizza for lunch. Can't complain. ;)

Sagi, charcoal, first drawing of the night, warming up.
Sagi and Andre, charcoal, one hour pose (These guys are champs, sitting for an hour straight)
Yael, 6B pencil, 30 minutes? hour?
5 min. gestures of Yael, charcoal
Yulia, 6B

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  1. they're beautiful. I like the idea, a life drawing marathon.