Thursday, January 13, 2011

Classes start tuesday.

I'll be taking the 2 am train, arriving at Ben-Gurion airport an hour later, and starting the boarding process for my flight to Warsaw. Hopefully there won't be any delays, and I'll fly out of Warsaw 3 hours later, headed to Chicago's O'hare airport, before my final leg to Columbus.

It's been a short vacation, and as always, I feel as though I could have done more, but knowing myself, I think I've had a bigger output than I usually fall into. It's all about setting small goals, like doing a page of sketches a day, and keeping away from hardcore games.

Mom hung my paintings on the wall, even blew up and framed a sketch I did on a little post-it sized note, when I was bored during a family reunion. :)

Website is still work in progress, but it's close enough to finished that I started sending out emails inquiring about positions in game companies. I've gone through the numbers and "A"s on gamasutra.

Unless there's a snow day, my first class is Silk screening, 12:30 Tuesday.

My younger brother, the second of three is getting married at the end of Oct. twisting my hand to return. I'm hoping that by then I'll be well on my path towards my dream career (with the possibility that reality might roll out differently.)
When I do come back, I think I'll visit the Carmel mountain park, the site of the big fire that happened in Early Dec. and do some more plein air, like the digital work I did over the last two days. I had a blast.

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